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Hwa Ting Company

It specializes in the import of various instruments, equipment, parts, mechanical processing and mechanical design.


Business item

​Equipment test bench design

Applicable objects: With a large number of or high-priced equipment, it is necessary to use a dedicated test bench to determine the fault to reduce maintenance time and cost.
Development results: chemical alarm test bench.

Mechanical Design

Applicable objects: The existing special equipment has old specifications, poor performance, and needs to be replaced with new ones, but there is no suitable substitute on the market.
Development results: Multi-configuration light turbine smoke generator.

Parts Processing

Applicable objects: all kinds of machinery, plastic, rubber and other parts processing, taking into account quality and cost, and quickly providing your needs.
Finished products: The family is too complicated to be loaded.

Import of various equipment, parts and instruments

All trades (except medical and high-intensity radiation equipment) instruments, equipment, parts and components are imported, and the whole process is arranged. Welcome to contact us.

All kinds of battery customization

Applicable objects: With a large number of or special equipment, there are no substitutes on the market to buy, and the original battery is expensive, please contact us. We are a dry battery and rechargeable battery sales company, mainly Toshiba (TOSHIBA), Mitsubishi (MITSUBISHI)... and other brands of batteries, in order to provide customers with a full range of services, the company also provides battery pack processing, battery box / battery holder, special models Batteries (BR, ML) and special-shaped batteries (PIN, AAAA, N)... and other customized products, please call for inquiries. Contains AA batteries, carbon zinc batteries, alkaline batteries, CR2 batteries, etc.


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Franchise all kinds of equipment of the national army, only need to provide the material number or part number and quantity, and then we can serve you.

Thank you for your inquiry, we will contact you as soon as possible!

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If you have any questions, please contact us.

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